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Staging & Constructions - Our offered stage services includes build, install and/or rent stages in a plethora of sizes and shapes for every event imaginable.

  • Corporate stage design & rentals
  • CAD Layouts
  • StageRight Deck
  • Custom lighting solution
  • PAR cans uplight
  • LED uplights

Staging & Constructions

Let us help you determine the perfect stage and lighting solution for your event.


We love bringing events to life. Whether it’s by utilizing our range of staging product or theatrical drapes; or working with our outstanding construction department and highly-skilled CAD designers to custom-build props or sets, our clever event solutions provide the wow factor that will make your next event memorable.

Specialized or stylized staging and lighting can radically change the way an event feels and looks. We take great pride in our vast range of equipment and our ability to ensure we are positioned right at the forefront of the latest technology.

Known for our effective communication, creative strategies, and precise planning, we draw on our multidisciplinary team of experts to provide sound technical advice and insight on everything from logistics to creativity.

Your ideas and your message take center stage in the hands of our expert team who bring your vision to fruition with state-of-the-art Lighting and Staging services solutions that are on budget and on time.

Staging and rigging solutions

Most events will require a combination of temporary, technical installation - lighting, drapes, audio, graphics, relay screens… and somehow it all needs temporarily suspending.

When planning an event we’ll carefully consider what technical equipment needs to be rigged and the ideal rigging solution. Suspending the equipment from the venue roof is always the best solution.

However, this is not always possible and therefore a ground supported system will be the next option considered and finally we may have to resort to floor stands.

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