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Custom Build Exhibition Stands is the best way to ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd at a busy event.

  • Custom Exhibition stand design and construction
  • Shipping and set up of exhibition stand at the venue
  • Adding lighting, AVs, graphics, signage & accessories
  • On-site supervision and exhibition management
  • Dismantling and safe & secure storage

Custom Build Exhibition Stands

Providing you the best range of Exhibition Stand Services in Egypt!

Our custom-built exhibition stands will get you noticed!

Our custom build exhibition stands give you the extra edge. They provide you with the space and flexibility to really take your dream stand and turn it into a reality.

We understand that deciding how you want your stand to look can be very difficult. Our team are creative experts, we work with you to help create a stand that you’ll never forget.

Our exhibition stands are made up of interchangeable elements to give you total control of your exhibition stand’s size, look and functionality. Change your exhibition display from one event to the next and get just the look, scale and functionality you need for each market and venue.


Custom Exhibition Stand Design

We will listen carefully to your requirements.

We work very closely with our clients to design bespoke exhibition stands which enhance their brand and help them to achieve their sales goals. We are there to guide you through the design of your exhibition stand, but at the same time if you have a unique idea, we are all ears. Our team are extremely creative, fast thinking and open to exploring new concepts.

We work with international creative design team when it comes to large scale design projects.

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